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gene1_copy.jpgIt is unavoidable that your therapist's character, values, world view, and training will have some impact on your recovery. You have a choice of the person who will influence your growth during this time in your life.

Eugene Van Dusseldorp, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Metro Denver and Colorado Springs. He is also an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America. His approach to therapy incorporates a Christian world-view that accepts every individual and relationship as special and unique.

The following is a brief statement of his world-view and understanding of the therapy process:

I view life as a process of becoming. The created design is to become all that God intends for us to be. Included in that design is the concept of community where we are free to love and be loved by ourselves, those around us and our world, without fear.

jesus3.gifAs we do the job of becoming that person, things happen to prevent us from seeing our pure core. Layers of fear and pain build up around our core in a pattern similar to the layers of an onion. We experience disappointments, neglect, abuse, or frustrations and may lose sight of who we really are or were intended to be. When we look at ourselves, we see the outer layers of pain and fear instead of the pure core. We sometimes express ourselves through anger, depression, withdrawal or in other physical and emotional ways.

  • My understanding of the therapy process is to use the tools of psychology within the context of a Christian understanding of who we are to break through the layers of hurt and fear.
  • Religious experience and spiritual meaning are different for each person. Integrating psychology into the structure of Christianity demands respect for personal journeys.
  • There are also many theories and tools within psychology. Integrating Christianity into those tools demands respecting those that are appropriate and using them to accomplish the goals of the individual.

                 Specializations include:

                          Marital Relationships

                         Sexual Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors

                         Abuse and Trauma Recovery

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